Tuesday, May 26th, 2015

Blue Exhibition

Wow. Well, time flies when you’re having fun.

I’m in a upcoming group exhibition at Paper Boat Press which opens this week! May 29th to June 13 to be exact. The exhibition is called Blue and it will show the works of 11 artists responding to the word and the colour. There will be 7 ceramic artists, a photographer, a jeweller, a painter, and a glass artist (that’s me). I’m really looking forward to seeing it, not just for my own work, but for all the others. I’ve been checking out the other artist’s Instagram accounts to get sneak peeks – there is some really beautiful work going on.

Kylie Johnson, owner and artist of Paper Boat Press, was inspired by a verse from Joni Mitchell’s song, “Blue”, for the exhibition:

blue songs are like tattoos

you know i’ve been to sea before

crown and anchor me

or let me sail away

Come along and see it.


Monday, November 18th, 2013

GoMA Christmas Market

Big news, I’ll be at the GoMA Christmas Market later this month. I am so stoked that I managed to get in to it since it’s my first market. I have a lot to organise before then, so much stuff to do. I now appreciate the amount of effort that goes into a market, especially when it’s just one crafts person running it. Especially in the run up to Christmas. It takes one super organised person to do that seamlessly. I hope to be that organised when I grow up. In the meantime, I’ll have pastel round beaded necklace and some new styled spiked necklaces. And hopefully some new earrings too! So please come visit me and say hi at the GoMA market.

Details below:

Saturday 30th November
9.00am to 4pm
Gallery of Modern Art
Stanley Street, South Brisbane

GoMA Christmas Market 2013

GoMA Christmas Market 2013

Sunday, October 27th, 2013

Important news

Avril Bowie 2013 - Glass bead necklace - White beads with yellow tips. Handmade glass beads.

Prototype beads for a new collection I’m currently making – Avril Bowie

I have been busy busy, of late, with life in general, glass classes, holidays and experimenting with new bead ideas. And we all know there’s always some winners and losers when it comes to experiments. So, hopefully I can share with you some winners, I think, I’ve made soon. The attached photo is of an early prototype, so there’s a little preview for you. I hope you like it.

I did a weeks class in September with Loren Stump from California. Loren comes out almost every year to teach us loads of cool stuff. He’s a really gifted artist and knows ALOT about soft glass. He’s really lovely (and funny) and he’s always keen to share his knowledge with us. So much sharing, in fact, that class days go for 12+ hours! BYO coffee! I put a few pictures up on Instagram of the work we were doing, so take a peek.

The real bit of news is that I’m going to have a price increase on my work soon. I haven’t had a price rise for a year or two while the price of everything has gone up. There’s not much stock left in my Etsy shop, (sorry about that), and the DTLL shop has mostly made-to-order necklaces in it, but as of 29th November it will all be affected. It’s something I’ve known I’ve got to do for a while now. I’ve just put it off as I struggle with pricing my work. But last year I did a Art Business Basics with NAVA and I had a rude awakening on how little I was making on my work. And you know, a girl’s gotta eat. Of justify all the glass she buys!

I have some more news, good news, to share with you soon.

Tuesday, June 11th, 2013

Post-Meet the Makers talk and a bit about bugs

It’s been over a week since my talk at Artisan, I didn’t mean it to be so long between posts, but my whole family came down with colds and laryngitis that it was too exhausting to do anything around here. We’re all on the mend and today is the first day that I actually feel like I can cook something more than just coffee.

The talk went very well though I was a bit nervous, I did try to brush it off and go with it which I think worked for a bit. The team at Artisan are a very relaxed and happy bunch so that helped me alot. And the spot that they set us up in for the talk is a great space as you’ll see in the photos below. I brought along some props to help people visualise how the beads are created. And I put up some photos of my studio too (post tidy up). Thanks to family and friends who came along.

I sold a necklace on the day, thank you to the mystery man and to staff for the great display of my work. I had two immediate thoughts when I saw the display. First, I have to stop taking photos of my work on white backgrounds. Black looks 100 times better. And second, my works are not colourful enough! I also walked away with an idea after joking around about wearing a necklace of Christmas Beetles. Watch out for something more colourful and something buggy in the future! And if you think wearing glass beetles is kind of weird, it’s not. Really. Compared to the Belgians’ Palais Royale’s ceiling and chandelier covered in millions of bug wings…

Okay, I’ll stop going on about beetles and show some photos.

AvrilBowie-handmade glass necklaces - Artisan QLD
Artisan staff have magic hands and made my necklaces look great.

AvrilBowie - handmade glass necklaces
Grinners make awkward photos. Erk. Boyfriend was taking loads of photos and I wasn’t sure if he’d finished yet. Still, my necklaces looks great :D

AvrilBowie- ArtisanQLD Meet the Makers
Me yabbering in the great space set up by 3 designers for the Made Here Now design studio. Yes, that table has wobbly bits in it that are just screaming to be filled with colourful beads. Yes.

AvrilBowie - Meet the Makers - Artisan QLD

Yay! I’m glad it’s all over but I would do it again in a hearbeat. Thanks Artisan for inviting me.

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Artisan (m)art – Meet the Makers

Come along and hear me talk at Artisans’ Meet the Makers public program this Saturday at 3pm till 4pm. I’ll be talking about my glass bead making, sources of inspiration and some examples of technique and even some works in progress. There will be loads of new necklaces from me for sale. I’m a bit excited about some of these new pieces as they’re a bit of a new direction for me. New colours, new shapes. And Artisan will be offering 10% discount off all my necklaces on the day of the talk too.

Even though they say it’s a very casual and informal thing, they will be serving champagne after the talk which makes it all feel a bit special. Ceramicist Cathy Keys will also be speaking about her work too. Check her work out as it’s very beautiful and has given immediate meaning to ‘sense of place’ for me.

I’m super stoked about this event and am looking forward to Saturday. Please come along, I’d love to meet you. And to just add the cherry to the pie, I’m Artisans’ designer of the month for June. Yay! I can’t wait to see their display.

In other studio news, I’m dying for some decent sunshine tomorrow so that I can get good photos of the aforementioned necklaces before they leave my studio for good. Some of the necklaces might be just one-offs (I haven’t decided yet) so I don’t want to lose the chance to document them. And plus, a couple of them I would have liked to keep for myself…but photos will have to do once they’re gone. Like the one here…

Gypsy spikes - glass beads - Avril Bowie

Friday, March 1st, 2013

More pictures

Just a few more necklaces that I’ve made recently. I made colourful necklaces just for something different. I loved playing around with different colours and building up the necklace bead by bead. I think my favourite is the pretty pastel mix which reminds me of pastel lollies when I was a kid.

Blue and purple mix glass necklace

Blue and purple mix glass necklace

Nude and periwinkle blue glass necklace

Nude and periwinkle blue glass necklace

Pastel mix glass necklace

Pastel mix glass necklace

Pretty pastel mix glass bead necklace

Pretty pastel mix glass bead necklace

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